Is all learning the same learning?

Learning can be conceptualised in different ways. How a student conceptualises learning directly affects the strategies they use in the pursuit of learning; which in turn impacts on their academic outcomes. Therefore, engagement in a learning environment that challenges and develops one’s understanding of learning is important.

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Anzac Day Address 2016

A transcript of the Anzac Day address delivered to students on 27 April 2016 by old girl Lieutenant Kate Clarkson (2000), Troop Leader – A Squadron in the 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry).

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Mornings Matter

Mrs Alice Dabelstein, Head of Hirschfeld House, provides some morning routine tips to assist girls prepare for their day and improve their productivity.

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The Rhythm of Life

As we reach the end of a busy and exciting 140th year in the life of Brisbane Girls Grammar School, Ms Sarah Boyle, Head of O’Connor House, encourages us to slow down, become mindful and appreciate what we have.

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The Secret to Confidence

Without confidence, everything is harder. We stop trying and start looking for excuses. In this article, Dr Ann Farley, Director of Cross Faculty Initiatives, suggests that strategies practised and perfected in the good times when confidence levels are high will enable us to respond with persistence and discrimination when faced with life’s challenges.

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