Building capacity for academic resilience and confidence

There are many factors that influence the academic learning that occurs in our classrooms. As teachers and parents we understand that the underlying motivation of our students and daughters plays an enormous part in how they approach and engage with every challenge put before them. Ms Natalie Smith, Dean of Studies and Planning discusses the latest thinking in this area.

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Calligraphy: a beautiful art form and an exercise in mindfulness

To write calligraphy with mastery, a state of flow and full awareness — mindfulness — must be achieved. Mindful activities like calligraphy, are an effective way to reduce stress, increase self-awareness, enhance emotional intelligence and help effectively deal with difficult thoughts and feeling.

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Contagion of Calm

Keeping calm in stressful situations and having an understanding your emotional response is an essential skill teenagers need to acquire. Head of House Ms Deborah Perz discusses ways to develop resilience in early adolescence.

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