What makes schools great?

Truth, love, trust, loyalty and understanding are essential in good relationships and they are fundamental characteristics in schools where great things happen. Mrs Marise McConaghy, Deputy Principal (Staff), ponders the culture of schools and reflects on the culture, heritage and tradition of Girls Grammar.

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Creating future selves

Dr Kay Kimber, Director of the Centre for Professional Practice, challenges us to imagine the nature of the professional lives that our 2013 Senior cohort might lead in 2023. Howard Gardner’s Five Minds for the Future and the concepts of ‘T-shaped professionals’ and ‘portfolio careers’ are explored as ways in which our girls may shape their future selves.

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It’s not just about the test…

The sum of all educational experiences equips students for life beyond school, with academic learning providing the core preparation. Ms Margaret Gunn, Director of Mathematics and Accounting, observes that authentic learning is not just about assessment outcomes and states that intellectual curiosity is the key.

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