The Uralla Club

Uralla, from the dialect of the Anaiwan people, means ‘ceremonial meeting place on a hill’. This word has been chosen as the title of a new service club at Brisbane Girls Grammar School. Under the leadership of Anna McArthur-Dowty and Josefine Ganko the group hopes to make a difference and to affect change in relation to the complex issues surrounding Australia’s Indigenous people.

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Different by Design

Human thought is lost! The rituals, discipline and scholarly tradecraft which hold the key to catacombs of deep thought within human society are being dismissed by our young. Or are they? Mr Shane Skillen, Co-Director of Technology Studies argues that we are yet to appreciate the complexities of knowledge acquisition in the information age. If teachers and parents can identify the commonalities and respect the differences, they can help young people develop a meaningful, critical and reflective attitude towards deep learning and understanding.

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Tasks of tomorrow…

For anyone who has ever ‘crammed’ for an exam or experienced an ‘all-nighter’ prior to a due date, Ms Maggi Gunn, Director of Mathematics explores the concept of academic procrastination.

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