From Marrapatta – Memorial Outdoor Education Centre

Do you remember when? Carolyn Lansdown My father used to tell me of days when he would leave home at dawn and go rabbiting for the day, traipsing around the hills by himself, only returning home when it was dark. He was fourteen. There is no way I would let my fourteen year old son be gone all day without knowing where he was or making sure he had his phone with him. Am I paranoid and over protective, or just a caring parent dealing with society as it has now become? By stopping him from experiencing life as we did, am I restricting his ability to cope with his future? Children of the twenty-first century have less interaction with unstructured activities that offer challenge, instead they are involved in organised sports and activities. Gone are the days where children would spend time climbing trees, searching along creek beds and generally just playing in the natural…

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From the Head of England House

Twenty-First Century Screen Culture – Issues and Impacts Research has identified that technology use heightens skills such as multitasking, complex reasoning and decision making. These are all wonderful skills—skills that will enable our teenagers to achieve success as they progress into the adult world. Despite such positive outcomes, there are some negative impacts of screen culture that must be identified.

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