Mind the gap

Just as we struggle to make meaning of text without gaps between words, we struggle to make meaning of learning without the gaps in our day in which to ponder. Ms N Smith, Dean of Studies and Planning, encourages us all to find the space to draw breath in order to find meaning.

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Manners? lol!

Manners — politeness, etiquette and charity — are the basis of our society; they are what give us our humanity. Mrs V Ross, Head of Woolcock House, discusses how changes in the way we communicate have put values such as respect and consideration for others under pressure.

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Training tomorrow’s technologist

Schools need to train students to be innovative, self-managing and change-ready to contend with the complexities and challenges of the future. Mr B Thomas, Co-Director of Technology Studies, discusses ways in which cross-disciplinary information and communication technology endeavours encourage creativity and enterprise.

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