Moving beyond individual performance

From the Director of Health Studies For nearly thirty years I have been a fan of the Boston Celtics basketball team.  They are the American National Basketball Association’s most successful team.  In the history of the NBA, no other team has won more Championships.  According to basketball writer, Bethlehem Shoals (2010), the Celtics teams that won sixteen titles between 1957 and 1986 did so with an “almost dismissive attitude toward individual glory”.  These teams had great individual players, any one of whom on any given night was capable of (and often delivered) an outstanding individual performance.  In the main though, the strength of these teams came from a wonderful intermingling of player and team identity.  It seems that the Celtics then lost sight of this, as their most recent (and seventeenth) title came in 2008, twenty-two years after their last. This 2008 Championship was on my mind over the Christmas break because I was reading Top of…

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Helping our girls to achieve their full personal potential

From the Head of Griffith House and Year 9 Coordinator At School Assembly last week, Dr Bell spoke to the girls about the importance of eating healthy food, engaging in regular exercise and gaining adequate sleep. She encouraged the girls to practise the habit of consuming nutritious food with the consumption of less healthy “treats” occurring only occasionally. The subject of eating a balanced diet to maintain strong physical health is very topical at the moment with various media reports exploring the disturbing possibility that the current generation of teenagers will not live as long as their parents.  In The Weekend Australian, February 12-13 2011, an article by Alexander Gambotto-Burke entitled “Mum’s the word on obese kids” featured the work of Flinders University senior lecturer and dietitian, Anthea Magarey.  Magarey heads the Parenting, Eating and Activities for Child Health programme, known as PEACH, designed to engage parents of younger children in making healthy lifestyle changes to…

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Starting Well at Girls Grammar

It has been a torrid start to 2011 with floods, cyclones and humid weather but hopefully the start of secondary school has been a little breezier for our Year Eights. The sight of new Grammar girls with crisp white shirts, shining shoes and eager faces is always heart- warming and after three weeks that bright exterior may even be matched with a more confident interior. We should not underestimate however, the challenges that our Year Eights face as they embark upon the next phase of their educational journey.

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Leadership: commitment to the School and the community

From the Assistant Dean God be in my head, And in my understanding; God be in mine eyes, And in my looking; God be in my mouth And in my speaking; God be in my heart, And in my thinking. God be at mine end, And at my departing. Amen. This hymn was chosen to be sung at the Prefects’ Induction forty years ago in 1971 and at many other induction ceremonies that followed. This choice of music, often sung by a choir, highlights many significant qualities demanded of those in leadership roles: wisdom, integrity, empathy and open-mindedness. The 1971 Prefects also took a pledge to the School: I resolve to undertake the responsible duties of a Prefect, to uphold in every way the honour of the School, by my own actions to set a good example, and, to maintain the order and discipline of the School. This pledge was slightly shorter, but with similar intent, to…

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