Educating for purpose

Mrs Anna Owen, Deputy Principal Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Dr Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, appeals for a movement that will compete directly with the deleterious effects of the ‘leadership’ being provided by some current heads of countries and regions. He describes many present global leaders very frankly as ‘bullies, deceivers [and] selfish cowards’, and as ‘too busy with themselves’, rather than being focused on their responsibilities as world leaders. Against this poverty of leadership, Al Hussein asserts the power of the foot soldier, or ‘grassroots leadership’. He provides examples of acts of grassroots courage from around the world that not only defend local communities, but also help solve broader social issues. He implores all of us to seek to coordinate this local work on a worldwide stage. His vision: take the small-scale organisations and voices protecting human rights around the world to create an effective, coordinated, focused, human rights movement with the backing…

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Ms Sarah Boyle, Head of O’Connor House This week, Girls Grammar athletes competed in the 100th Queensland Girls Secondary School Sporting Association (QGSSSA) Athletics Carnival in the 110th year of QGSSSA. The 115 members of the Girls Grammar Athletics team focused their time and energy on training during the past term so they could do their best at the carnival. Sometimes they produced personal bests and sometimes they missed the start or stumbled at the jump. Though disappointing in the moment, in the grand scheme of things, students still gain many benefits from the experience, simply from being involved in physical activity. Balancing academic commitments with physical activity is an asset for students’ wellbeing and wider success in all areas of their life. The best part: it can be free. It has long been understood that engaging in physical activity has benefits for mental health. According to psychologist and leading expert in adolescent mental health, Dr…

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Let nature lead

Ms Kate Child, Outdoor Education Teacher, discusses the power nature has to influence a student's life, sparking curiosity for the physical world around them and developing relationships and feelings of connectedness. 

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