The Gala Concert tradition

I am often asked by students and parents why Girls Grammar does not compete in music competitions. I guess the simple answer is that healthy school music programmes are about bringing people together and building communities of learners rather than creating competition and division.

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Creative Arts: Everyone’s business in the twenty-first century

Creative Arts: Everyone’s business in the twenty-first century Despite the fact that business and industry now champion the word creative, and are adopting the rhetoric of creativity as a key principal of desired practice in their domains, this movement has yet to feed back into the design of twenty-first century school curricula. Indeed, the potentially powerful and integral role of the Arts as a key node in school curricula continues to be, for the most part, diluted or worse, ignored.

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Education: A climate change?

A recent Australian Education Forum raised compelling issues about future demographics and economic imperatives; explained how parents paying school fees ultimately save tax-payers money and focused concern on the reduced pool of suitably qualified and dedicated teachers as well as potential school leaders.

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Partners in Learning

Everybody has a preferred learning style. When students know and understand their own learning style it helps them to learn more effectively and it enables teachers to better structure classroom activities.

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