Moving house and moving on

The move to the new Research Learning Centre must be more than a simple relocation; this new venue must offer the flexible environment necessary to encourage and enable the blended learning styles of the twenty-first century student. At the same time, the new must never devalue the services and facilities that have proven to be valuable in the past.

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The challenge of future-proof learning

Through the window of the late twentieth century, it was clear that educational imperatives for the twenty-first century would be about innovative ways of doing and thinking in our teaching and learning. We may have imagined but could not have articulated the impact of technology and globalisation as this new century began life with a will of its own taking us into vast expanses of uncharted territory, many of which we still struggle to define and negotiate. Education has always had a busy agenda of change and transformation in its short history of schooling but the dramatic speed with which changes are occurring in local and global society, in technology and economics, threatens to leave it languishing in an outdated past.

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