Employable to a ‘T’

What does it take to succeed in a world of work characterised by digital disruption, where the notion of employability is itself constantly evolving? Director of Post-secondary Planning, Wanda Hayes, asserts the future is looking bright for ‘T-shaped individuals’: people whose strengths are trans-disciplinary as well as specialised. But how do you create a T?

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Encouraging our young philanthropists of the future

How can we encourage our young people to develop the practice of lifelong giving? By encouraging the donation of quality goods, knowledge, time and money we offer opportunities for our young people to feel that they have made a positive difference to the lives of others and we can direct our students along the pathway to becoming young philanthropists of the future.

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Looms and weavers: teaching and the creation of knowledge and wisdom

Dr Bruce Addison, Dean of Curriculum and Scholarship I must admit that when I sat down to write this article many potential themes emerged. Slow learning was one. Trust another. Deconstructing the simplistic analysis associated with national and international benchmarking was tempting. These themes are important to me but this time I wanted to write on a topic that is fundamental to my daily work. To me the magically affective space existing between teacher, student and learning is something worthy to explore, recognise and celebrate. Educational theorist Max van Manen has done much work in this field. To him the relational space existing between teacher and student forms the essence of his concept of pedagogy. For van Manen a pedagogical relationship requires a teacher to possess: …a sense of vocation, moral fibre, a loving and caring disposition, a sense of responsibility, intuition, a passion for knowledge, tactful sensitivity, humour, vitality and hope, maturity, an ability to be…

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Fine Sportswomen

Director of Health and Physical Education, Mr Stephen Fogarty, reflects on Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s seventh Principal, Miss Milicent Wilkinson (1900-1912), and her desire to provide opportunities for Grammar girls ‘to become fine sportswomen’. How do modern Grammar girls measure up?

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Teams and Tribes

Science Teacher and Debating Coordinator, Mrs Anne Byrne reflects on the benefits for schools which encourage, nurture and manage a tribal culture in order to enhance learning and well-being in students.

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