Making educated choices

Thinking about the future and one’s place in it can be exciting but also a bit daunting. Many students will discover that their career trajectory follows a straight line. They might also find that success in the workforce will not solely be determined by mastery of a set of skills. The need to make a meaningful contribution to the world may also emerge as a core component of future happiness and for this reason, students should consider how their choices at school can facilitate this.

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Building capacity for academic resilience and confidence

There are many factors that influence the academic learning that occurs in our classrooms. As teachers and parents we understand that the underlying motivation of our students and daughters plays an enormous part in how they approach and engage with every challenge put before them. Ms Natalie Smith, Dean of Studies and Planning discusses the latest thinking in this area.

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Contagion of Calm

Keeping calm in stressful situations and having an understanding your emotional response is an essential skill teenagers need to acquire. Head of House Ms Deborah Perz discusses ways to develop resilience in early adolescence.

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NASA Space Camp is just one of the many ways that Brisbane Girls Grammar School students challenge the notion that male and female brains are fundamentally different. Dean of Students Mrs Anne Ingram explores this nero-nonsense myth.

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Vive les Différences?

A Girls Grammar education is one that debunks notions of sameness and encourages our girls to value diversity. International exchanges, study tours, language courses and events such as Diversity Day all contribute to allow students to experience, study, value and take action on cultural issues.

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