It’s not just about the test…

The sum of all educational experiences equips students for life beyond school, with academic learning providing the core preparation. Ms Margaret Gunn, Director of Mathematics and Accounting, observes that authentic learning is not just about assessment outcomes and states that intellectual curiosity is the key.

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Motivation: The inner game

Why is it that some students are focused, organised, and fully engaged while others are easily distracted, disorganised and continually procrastinate? Mr Mark Sullivan, Director of Instrumental Music, considers motivation: How it is measured and how students can become more motivated to learn.

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Into the great unknown

For our girls, the great unknown is not only the uncertainty of which path they might take after leaving school, but what the destination will look like when they get there. Dean of Academic Development Mr Trent Driver asks what is required for girls to be life-wide learners for the years ahead, noting that technological skills are only a small part of the equation.

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The new information paradigm: Physical and digital resources to support scholarship

Brisbane Girls Grammar School has embarked on a new five-storey building to house twenty-first century library facilities and classrooms. Mrs Kristine Cooke, Director of Information Services, discusses how the new research centre will provide an integrated approach to information gathering — an approach that blends traditional systems and modern technologies to create an atmosphere that inspires scholarship.

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Blessed Bs

For many, high school is when it suddenly feels like everything counts, so a B minus can seem like a disaster. However, a disappointing mark can be a blessing in disguise. Inspired by the book The Blessing of a B Minus, Ms Ruth Jans, Head of Mackay House, applies this logic to the often difficult experiences of adolescence.

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From the playground to the boardroom: Are our girls prepared to be leaders in sport?

The School’s solid foundations in physical activity and sport are integral to the life of our students. Ms Sally Northcroft, Director of Sport, surveys how Grammar girls are defying the national and international trends by continuing to participate, pursue and actively engage in the challenge of competitive sport.

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‘Growing up tethered’?

Current debate and research cautions parents about their teens constantly using mobile devices as a means of connection. Ms Sarah Boyle, Head of O’Connor House, advises adults to become informed and savvy in the developmental impacts of this new norm — and to learn how to effectively engage with it.

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Growth through adversity

Friedrich Nietzsche’s ‘What does not kill me makes me stronger’ is an often-heard axiom. The ‘adversity hypothesis’ relates to people needing difficulties, trauma or setbacks in order to grow and develop as a person. School Psychologist Miss Lauren Phillips asks if this can be true; are stressors and challenges ‘good’ for us?

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